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Girl on the Tube next to me
Talks in a cute Tennessee
Bag in her lap
Checking the wrap
On some Eau de Cologne

She leaves a message for Steve
Sounds like he got a reprieve
Says things will look up
Tells him they'll hook up at
Mary Lebone

(At six thirty-three)

And she's melted right into the crowd
And she's turning her headphones to loud
And I'll never see under that cloud
Or learn how it turns out

Got to find out what the deal is
Got to know who the schlemiel is
'Cos somebody ought to be
Taking her home
From Mary Lebone

Tuesdays I swear every line rings
Customer care isn't my thing
Slam it to mute
'Cos I'm planning a route
Back to Mary Lebone

Highsider blocks up the street
Cab driver stops for a leak
Finally arrive
By six forty-five
At Mary Lebone

(And what do you know)

There's a hint of a tear in her dress
There's a glint of a tear on her face
But she's still sitting there nonetheless
And she's all
All alone

Aubergine eyes might unhinge me
Looks like she dropped the Givenchy
Says that she's clumsy -
She just let it fall
I say 'it happens -
Don't worry at all
'Cos I'll pick up the pieces if ever you call
And it's only a stone's throw from my home
To Mary Lebone'

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All Rights Reserved

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