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Last sight of Sumatra
Ragged steamer running heavy on the leg
First night out of harbour
Eight bells and a champagne bar is set
His suit's black as java
Pink feathers and a pearl around her neck
She swings with Sinatra
And he smiles...

Bright moon on the water
Light gown that she found in old Quebec
Sips Syrah he poured her
Now they're wound like chain on the weatherdeck
She's a spark in the tinder
He's powder in the keg
She danced
Like De Carlo
And he smiles...
Like Gregory Peck

White foam on the larboard
Jagged reef splits the waves in silhouette
Helm down, hard to starboard
One breach and the iron queen's in check
Deep calls to the deepest
Your sons must come and pay respect
She clings like Dietrich
And he smiles...
Like Gregory Peck

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