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Quentin Locke signed for TTB video


London, 12 December 2012 | For Immediate Release

English Intellipop producers, The Tracy Boys have confirmed a number of virtual appearances by the self-styled 'Simian Thespian', Quentin Locke, in their forthcoming music video, Marylebone.

Locke is considered to be a significant signing - the Ape-List actor is currently being courted by some of the West Coast's elite directors and rumour-mills are churning after recent hints of his partnership with a leading Manga studio.

The creative brief required the actor to be digitally cloned, and multiple avatar versions of the chimp were produced at a New Zealand post-production facility. Locke is reported to have been delighted with the result. 'This has been a remarkable inner journey of discovery,' he said. 'I've played alongside some truly great names in our industry... Ralph, Tom, Brad - but it's not everyday one is allowed to play with oneself. I will cherish this experience, and my time with the very talented Tracy Lads.'

Marylebone is released on the 28th January... but you can catch a clip of the animation right here.