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TTB News

Sneak preview time!

causeWell, there we were, storyboarding the new animation 'Stuka Girl' and we suddenly thought 'why not throw in something different as well?' (Never thought that before). So we're also now working on a cool Lyrics Video for our other new track, Cause for Concern. You can catch a quick preview of CfC here!

And of course it'll be featured in our new Video Section - have you discovered that yet? Off you go...

New EP underway!

quentin-recordThere's a new EP from the Tracy Boys in in production! This week, we finished vocals for two tracks, 'Stuka Girl' and 'Cause for Concern' - a great ballad. Another handful of songs are following close behind this week and next, and we'll make a final selection for release.

One whole year on from Marylebone, we've refined our style and approach in all the areas we work - Music, Writing, Art and Animation. AND we'll be asking some of YOU - our fans, T-Mailers, Tracebookers, and new friends in Indonesia and the Far East - to help us to refine even more - so look out for some exciting news on how you can be involved!

World Food Day Animation

world-food-day World Food Day brings people and organisations together to work towards ending hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

This year we produced this cool animated infographic for charity Send a Cow, which gives farming training, livestock, seeds and support to poor families in Africa. See how much SAC's work changes people's diet! And then find out more about them at

TTB Site Upgrade

ttbwebIt's (Tracy)Web 3.0!

This week we updated for the third time! Thanks once again to the stupendous Peter Tracy for his technical tinkering and bespoke coding skills - where would we be without him? Look out for further developments over the next couple of months!


Meet Kirsty Tracy...

Nkirsty tracyine months since kickoff and the Tracy family is expanding once more! We're delighted to introduce bubbly Scouser Kirsty Tracy, our new Social Media Manager.

As well as being a writer, Kirsty is also a linguist who is fluent in French and Spanish, plus Portuguese, Arabic, Moroccan Arabic and Italian... so she'll be helping fly the Tracy flag overseas, as well as making sure all our T-Mailers, Tracebookers and Twitterati are kept up to date with developments at Tracy Island!

National Games Anthem

oly2Jon Tracy and R&B Artist Clyve are helping intellectually disabled athletes to Live Their Dream, at the 2013 Special Olympics National Games.

The catchy, anthemic melody is accompanied by kaleidoscopic stage animation in cookie-cut high contrast, with accessiblity and easy-to-decipher storyboarding for the 1700 competitors who will attend the Opening Ceremony. Jon also produced four remixes of the Anthem. We're delighted to be associated with this great sporting event, and wish all the athletes the best of luck!

Remixes - the TTB Way


marybakerloo200When we remix, we remix.

And to us that means art as well as music, a whole re-imagining of a song. It's step by step process, but as the Tracy studio grows, eventually Jon and Mik aim to do this with animations too. In the meantime, over the next four weeks we'll be sharing some new, cool, illustrated covers and re-worked tracks with you. Like the Bakerloo Remix of our first single - out now.

SPYGLASS Released!

spyglassSpyglass: The Music of Intelligence
(plus free downloads)


Load your Beretta and adjust your fountain pen radio.... the first Tracy Boys Intellipop Production Collection is laced with duplicity, intrigue, a dash of panache and a subtle twist of Harry Lime. 'Spyglass: The Music of Intelligence' is a set of five instrumental tracks which capture the essence of Cold War Hollywood and mixes it with our ubiquitous groove. Your mission - should you decide to accept it - is to help us release the highly infectious Tracy Vibe to the free world...

The Collection is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp page. The album comes with 'ESSENTIAL ESPIONAGE' - see below! All are available in a variety of formats ready to add to iTunes, including meaty, straight-from-the-desk high quality files.

Get Equipped...

essential espionageESSENTIAL ESPIONAGE - The Tracy Boys' FREE guide to derring-do in a Cold War climate

Do YOU know how to seduce a female captor? Smuggle a dwarf across the border? Steal a MiG fighter? If you are lacking such skills, may we recommend ESSENTIAL ESPIONAGE. You can get PART 1 free when you purchase our new Intellipop Collection, 'Spyglass: The Music of Intelligence'... and it won't self-destruct after five seconds, either. Track it down on our Bandcamp Page...

Supersize TTB Tracks...


Like an alternative to our iTunes releases? Four extra-meaty AIFF files are now downloadable from our Bandcamp page! Up to ten times bigger than the files iTunes sell, these are 'straight-from-the-desk' versions, with lyrics and cover art that should pop up by magic on your phone or mobile device.  You can preview the whole track for free, too.

Choose AIFF when you download - at just a pound a pop! Go there now!